Piano Music Camps!

Camps are a great way to allow students to explore different elements of music.  What makes these camps great is that these are open to ALL types of students - current, interested, or simply a child looking for something fun and different to try out this summer.

Campers do not have to be currently registered with Mrozek Piano Studio and are under no obligation to register for the future.  Campers will receive a t-shirt and some additional goodies depending on their registered camp. Space is limited!

Flip the Lid Piano Camp - Ages 9-12 - Beginner through Intermediate Levels

The title, Flip the Lid, is in no way referring to losing control or being angry. It is about how to make new sounds and the minuscule details that make up this beautiful instrument. Students will learn about the history and parts of the piano, rhythms, and will even perform a piece by Czerny for the parents on the Friday of their class.

  • $200 per camper
  • June 20th through June 23th
  • 9:30am to Noon

Tenderfoot Piano Camp - Ages 6 to 8 - Beginner through Elementary

Here we will explore all of the elements that make music. A little bit of rhythm, a little bit of appreciation, a little bit of piano, and a whole lot of fun and games. Campers will explore through play with music. Performances for parents on the last day of camp too!

  • $200 per camper
  • June 27th through July 1st

Musical S.T.E.M. Piano Camp - Ages 9 to 12 - Beginner through Intermediate

Discovering the harmony between piano, science, technology, engineering, and math.  We will be conducting experiments, crafts, and making music! Demonstration for parents on the last day of camp.

  • $200 per camper
  • July 18th through July 22nd

Ensemble Camp for the Older Student - Ages 14 through 17 - Beginners through Advanced

For beginners through even advanced, we will study, learn, and perform compositions together at all different levels. We will add a splash of ear training, compositions, creativity, history, art, and even some games. Performance on the last day of camp for parents!

  • $200 per camper
  • July 25th through July 29th