Piano Kats

This form is for current and new piano students of Piano Kats for the school year term of 2023-2024.

More information is included in the Policy and Calendar Form, which is included in the registration form.  Below is an additional summary of tuition information and practice expectations.


Tuition is calculated based on a balanced billing schedule for the academic year, which spans 34 weeks. Additionally, summer term includes a choice between 8 individual lessons or a week-long camp with 2 hours of instruction per day.  2 lessons are deducted from tuition for missed lessons.  Even billing will now span over 12 months including summer lessons rather than the previous 9 month schedule.

In total, students receive 40 lessons over the course of 12 months. It's important to note that there are two weeks designated as missed lesson weeks, meaning they are not counted towards the total number of lessons. As a result, students effectively receive two "freebies" throughout the year. Please note that make-up lessons are not provided.

Tuition for private lessons at a rate of $60.75/hour (all private lessons are now BOOKED)

  • Option 1: 45 minute lessons private - $135.00 per month 
  • Option 2: 60 minute lessons private - $202.50 per month
  • ***Both options include overlap lessons

Tuition for group lessons at the rate of $40/hour

  • $120.75/month which includes the summer lessons.

Tuition for Theory Classes is $1000 for the school year - parents may choose how to pay

  • Monthly payments of $112
  • Quarterly payments of $250
  • One payment of $1000

Practice expectations for my studio:

1. Practice: Students are expected to practice for 4 to 5 days each week.

2. Following Instructions: Students are expected to follow my instructions as provided in the lesson notes.

3. Monitoring Practice: If a student consistently fails to practice, Jaci will contact the parent to discuss possible adjustments.

4. Lack of Practice: Students who consistently do not practice may be advised to discontinue lessons.

5. Marked Assignments: It is recommended to review each marked assignment in the lesson notes 3 to 5 times during each practice session.

6. Timed Practices: While timed practices are not mandatory for any student, they can be beneficial for older students.

7. Lesson Notes: Lesson notes are either emailed to the parent and/or student or printed and placed in the student's folder for those without online access.

8. Bringing Supplies: Students are expected to bring their books and supplies to every lesson.